Another experimental focus is the modulation of inflammatory processes by neurotransmitters. Noradrenaline (NA) acts as a potent suppressor of glial inflammation. Previously we have shown that the chemical removal of the locus ceruleus (LC), which serves as the main source of NA for its projection areas of the hippocampus and cortex, the amyloid-β (Aβ)-induced cortical inflammation potentiates (1). NA acts here on the reduction of IkB protein and a consecutive increase in NFkB-mediated transcription of proinflammatory genes (2). Since the LC degenerates early in the course of AD, the resulting decrease of NA in the hippocampus and cortex could facilitate the inflammatory response to Aβ-plaque deposition. We have shown that LC degeneration leads to increased Aβ plaque formation and cell loss (3). This suggests that increased inflammation contributes to neuronal dysfunction and cell death in AD. The influence of NA on the inflammation and neurodegeneration in knock-out mice is being examined: in addition to Aβ plaque formation we expect either an increased NA concentration (gene knock-out of NA transporter) due to defective NA reuptake or no NA by DBH (dopamine β-hydroxylase) gene knock-out.

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